Improving the emotional well-being assessments of children entering care – pilot project

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Thursday 27 June 2019 (09.30 - 16.30)
Friday 28 June 2019 (09.30 - 16.30)

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Civic Centre (Main Office), London Borough of Merton Civic Centre, London Road, Morden. SM4 5DX


Aims of the training

  •  To introduce the mentalizing approach to practitioners
  •  To support practitioners in bringing a mentalizing stance to those working with children and young people in care
  •  To demonstrate how a mentalizing approach can help the assessment of needs process
  •  To help fostering social workers in their meetings and observations of the carer-child/ young person relationship
  •  To develop a reflective practice around the child: frontline practitioner(s) with Virtual Mental Health Lead
  •  To collate information from different sources: child, carer, professional, teacher to inform a child’s current ‘well-being passport’


The training is divided up in to four parts

  1. The mentalizing stance .What it is, why it’s important and its application in the form of the Professional APP (Attention and curiosity, Perspective taking, Provide empathy and validate)
  2. The assessment framework and use of practice tools. Rationale and main principles of the assessment framework, how to make best use of practice tools and gather information as part of the assessment
  3. The Reflective Team around the child; working together and on-going support. The role of the Virtual Mental Health Lead, developing an effective working relationship between the VMHL and frontline practitioners carrying out the assessments
  4. Making sense of the assessment information and creating the ‘wellbeing passport'


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Erica Whitfield

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Civic Centre (Main Office), London Borough of Merton Civic Centre, London Road, Morden. SM4 5DX

(0208 545 4866)